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Why Should You Use a Lunging Cavesson When Riding Horses?

why should you use a lunging cavesson when riding horses


Horse riders should use a lunging cavesson when riding. This cavesson helps the horse to stay in a stable position under saddle. It can also improve balance, obedience, and overall performance. We will be discussing the reasons why you should use a lunging Cavesson while riding horses, and also looking at the many benefits it can offer.

What is a Lunging Cavesson, you ask?

Lunging cavesson is also known as training cavesson. It is a headgear that can be worn with horses while they are riding or lunging. The long, leather strap has a metal ring at its noseband. It holds the horse’s head steady and is made of leather. It is attached to the reins, or a lunge line, so the horse can be guided around an arena or paddock.

The benefits of using a Lunging Cavesson

Promoves balance and control

A lunging cavesson can be used to help balance and control horses by keeping them in a stable position. This cavesson helps the horse remain in the same position. It can also be used to improve overall balance and performance.

Improves Obedience

Lunging cavesson can be used to help improve the horse’s obedience. The horse can use the cavesson to guide them and reinforce their commands. This can make horses more responsive to their rider’s commands, and improve their overall performance.

Safety increases

A lunging cavesson can be used to help increase safety for the rider as well as the horse. The cavesson helps to maintain a stable position for the horse and prevents him from being unbalanced. This helps to reduce the chance of falling or getting into an accident while riding.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Lunging Cavesson or a Halter?

A halter and a lunging cavasson are two different things. One is meant to be used while riding a horse, the other is for lunging. A halter is intended to be used when leading horses and is not suitable for riding.

Are You able to use a Lunging Cavesson without Reins?

You can use a lunging cavesson with no reins. It is important to remember that the lunging cavesson is less effective than when it is used with reins, or a lungeline. It is highly recommended to use reins or a lunge line for additional control and guidance.


A lunging cavesson can be a great tool for riding horses. A lunging cavesson can improve balance and control, obedience, and safety for the horse and rider. To get the best out of the cavesson, it is essential to ensure that it fits properly and is used correctly. More information is available here

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