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Why Should You Use a Running Martingale When Riding Horses?

why should you use a running martingale when riding horses

What is a Running Martingale, you ask?

Running martingale is a common piece horse tack that is used for riding. This safety equipment helps keep horses’ heads in the right position while they are being ridden. Although they are most often used for dressage and show jumping (cross-country, show hunting, pleasure riding), running martingales can also be used in other disciplines like showjumping, pleasure riding, and cross-country. Although running martingales are usually made from leather, they can also be made from nylon or other synthetic materials. The martingale is made up of two parts. The strap runs from the horse’s nose to his girth, and the attachment attaches it to the horse’s bridle. You can adjust the length of the strap to fit the horse’s size and what type of riding you are doing.

What is a Running Martingale?

Running martingales are designed to keep horses’ heads in the right position while they ride. The martingale will pull the bridle so that the horse’s head is not raised too high. This allows the rider to keep control of the horse’s head, and stops the horse from bucking or rearing. The martingale helps to prevent horses from over-pressurizing the bit. This can lead to discomfort or even choke. The martingale also keeps the horse safe from external distractions like passing cars and other riders.

Why should you use a running margale when riding horses?

Running martingales are an important part of horse’s tack. They help keep horses’ heads in the right position while they are being ridden. This is crucial for their balance and control. Running martingales prevent horses from being able to rear or buck, and help keep them from over-pressurizing the bit. Running martingales are also a safety device. They can prevent horses from getting spooked or losing their footing by keeping the horse’s head in a safe position. Running martingales can provide cushioning for horses that have taken a tumble. The martingales will prevent the horse’s head hitting any objects or the ground. Running martingales are a key part of a horse’s training tack. The martingale keeps the horse focused and encourages good riding habits. The martingale helps keep horses focused and prevents them from becoming distracted by outside objects. This can speed up learning.


What’s the difference between a running and regular martingale

A regular martingale attaches under the neck of the horse to its girth, while a running one attaches to his bridle to run over the horse’s neck.

How can I adjust the strap of my running martingale’s run-martingale?

You can adjust the strap of a running martingale by loosening or tightening its buckle. Slide the strap down and loosen the buckle to make it longer. Slide the strap up and tighten the buckle to make it shorter.

Is it safe for a running martingale to be used?

Running martingales can be used to ride horses if they are properly fitted and adjusted. Running martingales are not meant to replace good riding technique.


Running martingales are an important part of horse tack because of many reasons. They keep the horse’s head in a correct position while riding, which is crucial for maintaining balance and control. They prevent horses from engaging in bad behavior, putting too much pressure onto the bit, or being distracted by outside objects. Running martingales are also useful for training and can offer some cushioning in the event of a horse getting sloppy. Every horse owner should understand the reasons why they should use running martingales when riding horses. You can find out more about running martingales at www.runningmartingales.com