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Why Should You Use a Saddle Pad Liner When Riding Horses?

why should you use a saddle pad liner when riding horses


There are many accessories you can use when riding horses. A saddle pad liner is one of these accessories. A saddle pad liners is a thin piece of fabric placed between the horse’s back and the saddle. It provides extra protection and cushioning for the horse’s back. We will be discussing the reasons why a saddle pad liners are necessary when riding horses.

Saddle Pad Liners: Benefits

A saddle pad liner will provide extra cushioning and protect your horse’s back against any rubbing or chafing caused by the saddle. Your saddle will not slip or shift during your ride by using the liner. This will improve the performance of your horse and decrease the chance of an accident.

Prevents Chafing and Rubbing

A saddle pad liner can prevent your horse from rubbing or chafing. The liner adds an extra layer between the horse’s skin and the saddle. This will help to reduce any irritation or discomfort that may be caused by the saddle.

Secure Keepsaddle

A saddle pad liner can also help to keep your saddle safe during your ride. The saddle pad liner keeps the saddle in place and can improve horse performance.

Comfort is improved

A saddle pad liner can provide cushioning that will improve your horse’s comfort. This extra protection can reduce discomfort from the saddle. This will make your horse feel more relaxed and comfortable during your ride.

Different types of saddle pad liners

There are many types of saddle pad liner available. A wool liner is the most popular. It is either made of wool or a combination of wool and synthetic fibres. Wool liners are light and breathable making them a great choice for horses who sweat a lot.

Synthetic Liners

Synthetic saddle pad liner are made of man-made materials like nylon or polyester. These liners are lighter and more breathable than wool liners and tend to be less expensive.

Foam Liners

Foam saddle pad liner liners are made of foam and provide additional cushioning and protection to the horse’s back. Although these liners can be more costly than synthetic or wool liners, they can offer additional comfort and protection to your horse.


  • Do saddle pads need to be lined?

    Although a saddle pad liner does not need to be used, it can offer extra protection and cushioning for your horse’s back. You can keep your horse safe while riding, and it can help improve his performance.

  • Which type of saddle pad liners is the best?

    Your horse’s specific needs will determine the best saddle pad liners. Synthetic liners can be more expensive and are lighter than wool liners. Foam liners offer extra protection and cushioning, but are generally more expensive.


A saddle pad liners can be an important addition to your horse’s tack. A saddle pad liner can be used to provide additional cushioning and protection for your horse’s spine, as well as keeping the saddle secure while you ride. There are many types of saddle pads liners, so make sure to take into account your horse’s specific needs before choosing one. You can read more about saddle pad liners and why they are important for horses riding.


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