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Why Should You Use a Side Pull When Riding Horses?

why should you use a side pull when riding horses


Side pulls are a type of bitless harness used to ride horses. Side pulls are designed to communicate with horses and provide control without the need for a bit. Horse owners are increasingly using side pulls as an alternative to traditional bit-based harnesses. We will discuss the benefits of side pulling when riding horses.

Side Pulls: Benefits

Side pulling is a great way to ride your horse. These include:

Comfort for your Horse

Side pulls provide your horse with a secure and comfortable fit. Side pulls are not like bit-based bridles. They don’t press against sensitive areas such as the horse’s mouth. This can reduce stress and discomfort for horses.

Enhanced Communication

Side pulling can improve communication between you, your horse and yourself. Side pulls are softer and more subtle signals than bit. This can help you to build a stronger connection with your horse.

Safety – Increased

Safety for you and your horse is also increased by the side pull. Side pulls are safer for horses than using a bit too harshly on them.

How to use a side pull

Although side pulls are easy to use, it is essential that you do so correctly. A professional can help you ensure the correct fitting of your side pull. These are some tips to correctly use a side draw:

Adjust the Straps

You should adjust the side pull so it fits snugly around your horse’s head, but not too tight. To ensure that the side draw does not rub or irritate horses, the straps must be adjusted to the right length and tension.

Use light signals

It is important to use the side pull to signal to your horse. Use gentle signals. Horses can be confused and uncomfortable if they are given too many signals.

Start slowly

It is important to begin slowly with the side pull and then gradually increase in difficulty. This will allow your horse to become more comfortable with the side pull, and it will also help you build trust between yourself and your horse.


Q: What’s a side draw?

A: A side draw is a bitless bridle used to communicate with and control the horse while they ride. It provides a secure and comfortable fit for horses and enhances communication between rider and horse.

Q: Can side pulls be safe for horses?

A: Side pulls are safe for horses. Side pulls are safer for horses than using a bit too hard on them.


Side pulling can be a great way to ride your horse. Side pulling is very comfortable for your horse and improves communication between you, your horse and yourself. It also increases safety for you and your horse. If you have any questions, it is crucial to use the side pull correctly. Side pulling can be a safe and effective way to ride your horse if you take the time to properly care for it. You can find more information at the

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